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Mira Technologies is a computer software company based in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The company was founded by IT professionals who are driven by the need to provide the best software solutions at the most affordable prices for businesses both in Nigeria and beyond. We develop software for the companies in Lagos, Nigeria and beyond, and we believe our software is best because we apply proven technologies in our design, we are part of the system, and we understand their needs. We also work hard to implement features to meet international standard.

Mira HPro

Mira HPro is an enterprise Hospital Management Software with all required features to run a hospital. Mira HPro has become the preferred choice for doctors, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes.

sysbanker EE

sysbanker EE is the web version for microfinance banking. If your bank has multiple branches, or you want to provide your customers with the type of online implementations they enjoy from commercial banks, then this is the version for you...

accsiss eBs

accsiss eBs is the accounting software. It is built to run across multiple locations with complex network and diverse platforms. This version combines the functionalities of the small business version and more to provide a broader range of capabilities to serve businesses of any scale

accsiss PPs

accsiss PPs is a personnel and payroll software solution. Designed for Companies with a medium to large scale work-force (including expatriates) that need to manage various company resources allocated to them. The resources could be accommodations, vehicles, private staff, etc, then accsiss PPs is for you...