Accsiss SBS


About Accsiss SBS

Key Features

Unlimited Users

accsiss sBs can be deployed with one user account or unlimited user accounts across unlimited number of locations.

Support Multiple Locations

Schools with multiple branches in several locations can deploy accsiss sBs once on the cloud and use it across all branches. The software allows the users the capability of maintaining Independent records and reports across the branches.

Global Access

accsiss sBs is a web application. A school can choose deployment on the cloud or to subscribe to our cloud service. This will allow the school to access and use the software from any location and multiple devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc).

Support Local and Global Deployments

accsiss sBs can be deployed locally on one PC or an intranet. It can equally be deployed on the cloud for global accessibilty.

Numerous Modules and Functionalities

We are committed to getting regular feedbacks from existing users and quickly implementing upgrades to make the accsiss sBs more robust.

Fast Support Services

We have a number of users of accsiss sBs who have used the software for some years. This is made possible because of our dedication to providing quick support when needed.


Admissions & Registrations

Accsiss sBs provide interfaces for processing student admissions and registrations.

Classes & Enrollment

Modules for class registrations and student enrollments.

Results Processing & Grading:

Modules for result entries (assessments, tests, exams) and grading.

Custom Report Cards:

Report cards with comprehensive depictions of scores, grades, psychomoto and staff comments.

Personnel Registrations:

Accsiss sBs provides interfaces for maintaining staff data.

Remote View for Report Cards

Parents or guardians can remotely access, view and print report cards of their wards.

Billing, Expenses, Receipts & Payments

There are modules to allow the back office generate, view and process bills, fees, receipts and payments.

Receivables, Payables & Cashflow:

Reports for receivables, payables and cashflows

GL Accounts

Modules for general ledgers, transactions and reports