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Key Features

Unlimited Number of Users

Sysbanker EE supports unlimited number of users across unlimited number of locations.

Support Multiple Locations

Banks with multiple branch offices in several locations can deploy Sysbanker EE once on the cloud and use it across all branches. The software allows the users the capability of maintaining both independent and consolidated reports across the branches.

Global Access

Sysbanker EE is a web application and fully mobile responsive. With the software deployed on the cloud, bank users can access and use the software from any location and multiple devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc).

Supports Local and Cloud Deployments

Sysbanker EE can be deployed either on a local intranet or online on the cloud. Our cloud servers are primed to provide the bandwidth, security, processing power, storage and backup.

Numerous Modules and Functionalities

Sysbanker EE provides modules that implement the functionalities for core banking, agency banking, loans, collections, payroll, inter-bank transactions and many more.

Fast Support Services

We have a number of microfinance banks using Sysbanker EE. This is made possible because of our dedication to providing quick support when needed.


Variety of Products

Modules for a variety of products. These include Savings (Individual, Esusu and Group), Current (Personal and Group), Fixed Account, Credit (Loans, Overdraft, Inventory and Sales), etc.

Interbank Transactions

Sysbanker EE is integrated with third party providers to facilitate interbank services for customers.

Instant Transaction Notifications

Modules to send notifications by email or SMS on customer transactions.

Loans & Credits:

Modules for loans (Individual and corporate loans), OD, hire-purchases, loan interests and reports, loan repayment schedule, loan performance analysis, loan tracking, loan officer performance statistics, loan officer wallet.


Batch upload of transactions, Transaction Approval/Authorization.

Agency Banking

Integrated modules for remote banking operations by agents. Available options for integrating POS and other card devices.

sysbanker EE mobile

General Ledgers

Maintains general ledger accounts, transactions and reports, Automated general ledger updates on transaction.

Internal Expenditures & Cashflow

Modules for internal expenditures, cashflow and reports.

Customer Services

Modules for customer services, Maintenance and statements.

Financial Statements

Book of accounts, income statement, trial balance and balance sheet


Account officer report, PAR report, CBN compliant report, Transaction report (Savings, Current, Loans, Daily and Periodic)


Bulk notifications to customers (emails and SMS), Search engine for borrowers loans, savings, current and fixed account, Automation of charges and commission, Powerful utility for managing customer accounts(Blocking and Unblocking), Regular automated backup.