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accsiss PPs

Personnel And Payroll Management Software

Personnel Payroll Management

accsiss PPs is personnel and payroll Systems solution. It is designed for companies with medium to large scale work-force including expatriates that need to manage various company resources allocated to them. The resources could be accommodations, vehicles, private staff, etc. accsiss PPs can be used to manage renewals of visas, accommodations, vehicle documents, etc and alert users on expiration. It is designed to calculate payroll with Ms Excel importation of attendance registers of staff. The calculated payslips can be auto-emailed to staff. The software is web application and can be deployed on computers across an intra-net (local area network) or on the internet.

For the cost and more details please call 234 (0)818 346 8573, (0)908 698 8054.

Key Features

  • accsiss PPs supports unlimited number of users
  • It can be deployed to manage multiple locations(branch networks).
  • Users can access the software from anywhere in the world.
  • accsiss PPs can be deployed both on a local intranet and online on the cloud(internet implementation).
  • Accsiss PPs provides modules for the following;


  • Personnel Management
  • Document Tracking and Renewal
  • Payroll Calculations
  • Travel Schedules and Air ticketing
  • Reports.

Screen Shots


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