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These are Our Services


Web Applications

We have been able to develop a number of applications. Some of these applications are Web applications. Our vision in this company is to provide total software solutions for every business. We understand that solving business problems require primarily quick access to information. Web applications are very effective here. They are globally and always available. The implementation cuts across various platforms and devices.

At Mira Technologies, we have experienced software architects and developers whose job is to design and develop Web applications. We understand the technology because we do research daily. We understand the people because we take time to talk with them. We understand the problems because we treasure the feedbacks from our users.

You can rely on us to develop your project. We will not disappoint you. We treasure our clients and we go extra mile to give them the best possible solutions.

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices have really taken over in the world today. Most people can not get by without it. It has become a major tool required for business. It makes it easier for a CEO to access important financial reports securely while he is on the move. The ability of mobile devices to run complex and memory consuming tasks has made them an indespensable tool in todays business.

Here at Mira Technologies, we know these things. We have engaged professionals who understand the technology. Engage us today to develop your projects and you will be happy you did.

Corporate Training

You may want to provide IT training for your staff. It could a specific software or a general IT skill acquisition for some or all the staff in your company. Mira Technologies is equiped with both the professionals and infrasture to provide the training. We can deploy our staff to your offices for the training, or you can send your staff to our office for the training.

We can provide training for your company in the underlisted areas:

  • Office Applications
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms PowerPoint

  • Local Databases
  • Ms Access


At Mira Technologies, we have IT professionals with more than ten years experience. Over the years we have deployed our products and services to a number of companies in and outside Nigeria. We have clients that have been with us for more than 14 years. We have gained a wealth of experience in our years of working with various companies.

Whatever IT advice you may need for your business. It could be on the hardware to deploy for your business or the software to implement. You need advice on the software currently running in your company. Or it could be about your database and your network infrastructure. We can provide you with the advise you need on these. We been able to reposition a number of companies over the years.

Consult with us today, and your business can become more efficient and more profitable.


It is not enough to develop and sell the best product. It is not enough to sell at a cheaper price than others. At Mira Technologies we have this understanding, "if you engage us or purchase our product, you have engaged us for your lifetime". We believe that every product we sell will lead us into a long term relation with the customer. If at the end of the day our customer has unresolved issues or complaints then we have not succeeded.

We do our best to always support our clients. We can be reached at any time by our clients and we can go to any length to provide for support for our clients. This is why we have a long relation with our existing customers. They believe in us and they keep on selling our products for us.

You can engage us to develop e-commerce websites, or to re-design your business apps to run on the WEB. This way, you can reach more valuable customers, increase availability, save money on software, and of course, maximise your profits.